Review: The Chief by Monica McCarty

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I've been meaning to read this for a while, and it was time. So I'd like to say, wow. I love historical romances (I must have said that a million times already) and I love highlander romances and this one was really, really good. I liked the plot was really detailed. A lot of how Tor and Christina came to be married could have been glossed over, but it wasn't. And that made the book so much better!

Series: Highland Guard, #1
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Genre: Historical Romance

I also love the fact that there's real history in this book. I admire authors who take the time to research and then include that in the setting and plot of their novel. It just adds another dimension to the story that I really enjoy, probably because I love history.

Let's get to the characters. Tor, what a guy! Can I gush? I'm gonna gush! So, he's naturally a big, handsome muscled warrior (duh) but I think what I liked about him was his determination. He is very focused on providing for his clan, keeping his people safe, so much so that he doesn't realize he's in love with Christina for a long time. He keeps trying to push her away because she makes him feel, and he doesn't think he can feel as it's a distraction from his duties. It's kinda of dense really, but I admired that he was a man who truly cared about his family, his clan and wasn't willing to let anything stand between that. It made those tender scenes where he talks with Christina, or worries over her that much more le sigh. And a good romance needs le sigh.
Book Two in the series!

Christina made me laugh. She was so eager to win Tor's love. She had herself convinced he cared for her, but at times she doubted that too. But she kept trying to prove to him that she was trustworthy, that she could help him. It kinda backfires on her, but her efforts and the fact that she's willing to give up everything for Tor, bring them together in the end. And it was worth the read, let me tell you!

Can I say something about the steamy? I feel it bares mentioning because somehow these bedroom scenes were atypical for me. They weren't that much different than you might expect in a historical romance, but there was something that was definitely more steamy somehow, and we get our fair share of them too.

This was an intelligently written, detailed and steamy read for me. I very much enjoyed it, the romance was at the forefront of the story but the historical aspects were beautifully interwoven, making this a seamless, polished read. I cannot wait to continue the series.

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