Review: Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine

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When I saw that this book was being released several months ago, I immediately knew I wanted it. The premise was right up my alley. Books under the control of a central body intrigued me because I've always believed that the censorship of books is criminal. I had high expectations for this book though I had never read anything by Rachel Caine before. And I was not disappointed in the slightest.

Series: The Great Library,#1
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Genre: Fantasy

Jess is a character who is far too jaded for his years, but given his childhood and background, that cynicism makes perfect sense and defines and shapes his character. I really liked Jess. He's a good person, and he sees things as they are without the polish society spins or the sugarcoat of blind faith. Entering the Library isn't something he wanted, but once there, he's compelled to do well. And he's met with amazing trials--both intellectual trials and harsh ones, and some that are just damn horrifying.

This novel is action packed, and will grip you beginning to end. Not a single page was boring. I was sucked in from beginning, each word drawing me more and more into the world and lives of the characters that Ms. Caine depicts with such ease. There are many horrifying and sad points in the novel, and at times I was moved to tears by the events that took place. But I loved seeing the friendships grow between characters that were from different backgrounds, and competitors for positions in the Library. Seeing those bonds develop gave me a lot of hope for Jess and whatever the future holds in store for him. Because it's sure to be ugly.

The world building in this novel blew me away. I was sucked right into the politics of the Library and knew immediately (because Jess seemed to understand it intrinsically) that it was corrupt. And the more you learn about this world and the Library, the more you see a society that simply must fall. Knowledge is power, but power unchecked corrupts and seeks to control. So I'm dying to find out what happens to the characters in this book because it looks for now like the Library has won. Jess has a risky placement, Wolfe is on the edge of a cliff, and the Library has Morgan, though that might not be as wonderful for them as they think it is. I sense rebellion in the making, and that makes me cheer but also makes me afraid for the characters I've grown to love. I don't want to lose anymore of them.

This is everything a novel should be, compelling, fantastic, rich with human life and problems and emotions. I was completely devastated by how the story unfolded, and this is one book I won't be forgetting any time soon, and one I'd read again and again.

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