Review: Until the Sun Falls from the Sky by Kristen Ashley

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I thought this book had an absolutely wonderful premise. And Kristen Ashley is one of those writers that spins stories in spell binding ways. She is insanely popular, and I've enjoyed her work so far, not that I've read very much of it, but still, she's one of those who can't go wrong. So of course, I had to read this.

Series: The Three, #1
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Genre: Paranormal Romance

I loved that Leah was fiesty, and wasn't just some vampire groupee like a lot of the other concubines were. She didn't want anything to do with Lucien. I loved that she had attitude and fought tooth and nail against everything. But, she also kinda ruined the story for me. Let me explain. The story is told in the first person from Leah's point of view, except for those chapters were we get third person narration and that focuses largely on Lucien. I didn't mind the switch in narration, but Leah didn't attend to her Vampire Studies, so she has no idea about vampire society or law. And since Lucien doesn't tell her much, it made for vague world building in my opinion. Also, Leah had certain personality traits that I found annoying in a woman of forty years. She struck me as more of a college age student at times. So Leah ruined the story for me.

What to say about Lucien. I think too much of my impression is coloured by Leah so I'll say very little. I think there's more to this vampire than we really got to see. I think he has far more depth and emotion than was illustrated from Leah's point of view. He's certainly fierce and wise in a cold way, but he's not unfeeling. I liked him, to a degree.

Book 2 in the triology
The book dragged a little for me through the middle portion, but it certainly got very interesting in the last ten to fifteen percent, and a lot of the questions I had were finally answered when the Prophecies came to light, and some other supernatural facts were revealed. I like where the author seems to be drawing the series, and I'm curious to see where it all leads.

Bottom line is I'm intrigued enough to carry on with the series, and am looking forward to book two.

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