Review: Untouched by Maisey Yates

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So a while back I started the Silver Creek series by Maisey Yates, and I recently decided to continue with the series and am ever so glad that I did. I admire Maisey Yates writing style, it draws you into the emotions effortlessly and gives me shivers at times. Untouched was a story about two people very afraid to live and yet, together they learn how to live.

Series: Silver Creek, #2 
My Rating: 's
Genre: Contemporary Romance

In the first book of this series, Lark is very much treated like a little girl by  her brothers Cole and Cade. They are big, bad cowboys after all, and they did help raise her after the death of their mother. And it's pretty clear that Lark is sick of being treated like a child, but that ultimately she's closed herself off to the world. Enter Quinn Parker, the man who caused her brother's Cade's rodeo accident, an accident that keeps him not only from competing, but in pain. A man Lark wants to hate, but starts to feel an affinity for.

I wasn't sure if I should like Quinn. I knew he was using Lark. At first, it was just to annoy Cade, then it turned into a seduction for revenge. Quinn hadn't caused Cade's accident, yet he was barred from competing as well. So I didn't know how wicked this was really, and like Lark, I didn't buy his whole bad boy facade. But I also wasn't really sure at first, until it became apparent that Quinn was lying to himself about his feelings for Lark, about who he was and what was happening him and Lark.

Lark was a cute, geeky character and she made me laugh. I liked that she was trying to get out into the real world, trying not to be afraid to live even though she had been since the death of her mother. I liked that she was vulnerable, and yet so strong. Quinn I liked even when I wasn't sure if I should because he seemed like a little boy at times, hurt and pretending not to be by growling at the world. Together these two realize there is more to life than what they thought, and even when things go south because Quinn is so determined to get back at Cade, to prove to Lark that is a bad person, I knew that they would find their way back to each other.
Book Three

Quinn, who sets out to hurt Lark's family, finds he can't but he's already lost Lark when oddly enough, the ranch he's set up for young boys who have had a rough life, solves part the mystery of who caused Cade's accident, and clears Quinn's name. It was a little convenient, but I suspect that maybe Cade's book will reveal more information and solve the mystery entirely. And naturally, this allows Quinn to fully realize what an ass he's been. Happily ever after shortly follows.

I enjoyed the book. It sizzled, it hurt, and it showed two people who were a little broken coming together and letting go of fear and hurts and learning to live life. The story was funny at times, heartwarming at others and the emotions often cut into me they were so well portrayed. A great second novel for this series.

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