What's the Scoop??? February Blues and Books

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So, here in the great white north, February is a hard month. It's the blah month. It's the coldest month of the year. Well, maybe it wasn't that cold this February, but I certainly had the blues that are belong entirely to February. I've been tired, sick and just plain fed up with everything.

What happened to my new mindest? I had a No Stress Plan. And to be honest, I was following through with it. But I still had the blahs and blues, and because of that, some of that plan started to slip to the way side. But, I'm back on board with all aspects of that plan. There are plenty of things in life we can't control. But I can make decisions that are in my best interest and something that happened lately really reminded me of how important that is. So I'm back on board with my plan. I refuse to let it slip in February, the second month of this new year simply because the weather sucks and some snotty cold virus got me down. So there February, take that!

Onto book talk: I'm reading some really interesting books right now. One is a Kristen Ashley novel, Lady Luck. The other is Cruel Beauty. It's a fascinating book but I think it will take a re-read before I can make up my mind about it. There are certain concepts that I think are essential to the story and world that I need to really understand before I can make up my mind about it.  As for the Kristen Ashley novel, so far I'm enjoying it a lot. But I think there might be some plot twists coming up. I'm looking forward to completing this great read! A book I hope to read this month (and I know that I'm quickly running out of days) is a Maisey Yates novella, Rekindled. I'm excited about reading more of this series! So far it's proved delicious reading.

My reading goals are being realized slowly but surely. I'm hoping during March to be able to get to some of those longer novels that I have been meaning to read. It didn't happen in January, and it's not going to happen in February, but I think in March I can manage to squeeze in one of those books that is sitting on my nightstand, ignored for far too long. It might take all month (though I hope not) but I that book is being read!

So, now that I've spilled my guts about how I nearly let February get me down and turn my fresh new year into the same old same old habit wise, I hope that my post might help you re-visit some of your new years resolutions.

Happy Reading,

Jewels E


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