Review: Discovering You by Brenda Novak

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Brenda Novak recently released a new Whiskey Creek novel, so I am keeping up with the series. I started this a while back but it took me longer to finish than I wanted it to. It's not that I didn't enjoy the book, it's just that I got busy with this thing called real life. But I settled in and finished it finally, and I have to say, I just don't know.

Series: Whiskey Creek, #10
My Rating: 3 's
Genre: Contemporary Romance

I tend to like the novels in this series, though some have crossed the line for me in terms of the characters' choices. I also tend to find the romances lackluster. I like that the author has these characters have real life problems, even if sometimes they are kinda out of the realm of what most people in the real world might experience. What always gets me as a reader is that those stories seem to be what the romances pivot around, and this novel is no different.

Rod Amos is falling in love with his new neighbour. His new neighbour is a widow. Her husband was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend Sebastian, an ex-boyfriend who has been released from jail because his trial ended in a hung jury. I liked India's character and I felt for her in that she had a rough life and had built a good life for herself with her husband Charlie. Then the past reached out and snatched that away from her. I just didn't like that it was still so in her present, that the story became more about putting Sebastian behind bars than it did about India building a new life in Whiskey Creek, and her romance with Rod. That seemed on the back burner to this reader. And this why this series irkes me. It's great in that the stories are all well written, and the characters are ones I can connect with, but it never really feels that it's about the romance. To be honest, in this book I didn't even feel the romance, and I wasn't that invested in the characters. And that's disappointing.

I'm giving this novel three stars because the story is well told, the writing is polished and it kept me entertained. But those missing two stars are because this is supposed to be a romance novel and I felt zero zing and sizzle between these two. There was more sparks flying between Rod's brother Mack and their stepsister Natasha. Nice set up for a future novel, one that I hope will be more romantic.

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