Review: Her Darkest Nightmare by Brenda Novak

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I've been waiting on this novel for a while now. I've been eager for it actually, and I finally got my hands on Her Darkest Nightmare which was every bit as good as I wanted it to be, though it did surprise me a little bit.

Series: The Evelyn Talbot Chronicles, #1
My Rating: 4.5 ❀'s
Genre: Romantic Suspense

I honestly thought Jasper would follow Evelyn to Alaska and
terrorize both her and everyone else in Hilltop. Is it a spoiler to say I was wrong? Well, if it'is, I'm sorry, but Jasper's appearance in this book only promises darker things and that makes my heart pound. Because the things that happened in this book were twisted.

Hanover House is Evelyn's brainchild, and it seems that she is losing control over the doctors who work there and the inmates. Her own emotional stability is called into question as the novel progresses and a serial killer is on the loose, one who chooses his victims from the employees of Hanover House. And the murders are gruesome. Gruesome enough that we suspect Jasper. One inmate in particular seems to know what is going on, but being a psychopath, Evelyn can't trust anything he says.

I admired Evelyn in the last novel, because she wants to understand psychopathy so that she can help others who might be victims from the terror and crimes of these individuals. I still admire her, but I will also say that I also think she's nuts! No way could I do her work, especially after the experiences she has had. But, then that's what makes her admirable. She's so determined, and although she considers herself something of a broken woman, she really isn't. To do this work is proof enough of her strength, but she takes some huge steps in her relationship with Amarok as well. A relationship that she had called off because she felt she was too damaged to be in a relationship, but one which she actively pursues because she can't ignore her feelings for Amarok. So even though there were times I was shaking my head, wondering why she puts herself through everything her work entails, my admiration for this character increased.

This novel had me turning the pages well into the wee hours and it did make me check my locks twice because it gets under your skin like that. I loved the heart pounding suspense, the methodical way the novel was plotted out and how smoothly the story unfolded. I did figure out who the killer was half way through though, so that was no surprise in the end. I think it will be for a lot of readers, but I wasn't fooled! And the epilogue gave me chills. Jasper may not have been the killer in this story, but he's out there and I know we will see him at some point in this thrilling series.

I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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