Review: Lethal by Sandra Brown

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My latest Sandra Brown novel proved to be less than I have come to expect from the author. I don't know why, but Lethal didn't have me as riveted as I have been in the past. It had some good twists and turns but although it was fun trying to figure out who the bookkeeper was, I wasn't as engaged with that mystery as I might have been.

My Rating: 3 ❀'s
Genre: Romantic Suspense
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I do know that others will likely finding this gripping, so it's likely that this one just wasn't a favourite of mine, possibly due to the fact that I found the hero a bit of a jerk. I think I was also confused for a while as to whether or not he was really who he said he was. Possibly if I had read this instead of listening to the audio this might have been more clear, but either way, Coburn was not a hero that made me swoon.

I did figure out who the book keeper was, though don't ask me how. Possibly by process of elimination as I considered characters and then discarded them for one reason or another. I'm sure others will be surprised by the identity of the book keeper, but I never found that character likable so it didn't have the impact that such a revelation should have, and that others will likely experience.

Overall, this one was good, as all Sandra Brown novels are, but the story, characters and romance just didn't sizzle or sparkle as others from this author have for me. However, I cannot deny that this was not entertaining and certainly will grip many readers as the writing is polished, methodical and the identify of the book keeper is a question that will niggle at readers throughout the novel. '

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