Review: One Summer of Surrender by Jess Michaels

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I think I read this in two or three days. I had been eagerly awaiting Stenfax's romance because I was intrigued by his past history, and this book certainly turned into something of a whirlwind romance. I wasn't expecting some of the events to unfold as they do, especially in relation as to why Elise threw over Lucien, the Earl of Stenfax.

Series: Seasons, #3 
My Rating: 4 's
Genre: Historical Romance
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I can't say much as to why Elise did suddenly break their engagement, but I can say that Lucien and his family were not the only ones who suffered because of her choice. Elise was a character I found both interesting and unique--she had bravery, but it was also was self depreciating thanks to her past choices and it made her both interesting and confusing until I understood her emotions and thinking. I'm not sure I found her as likable as the previous heroines in this series, but I empathized with her choices.

There's a bit of intrigue in this story that will lead nicely into Felicity's novel, and I have to say, I found it shocking! So I cannot wait to read more of the series. It hit Lucien hard, but everything in this novel sends Lucien reeling because all of it is unexpected. And I must say, for a man who's constantly being thrown a loop by fate, he deals with it all with resilience and even dignity. Most of the time. I didn't always like his interactions with Elise, but I understood they came from a place of pain and also, love.

A second chance romance that features a couple very much in love and trying to rebuild their lives, it reminds us that sometimes we need to build a life with someone. Jess Michaels blends romance and intrigue into a sensual story that was a joy to read.

I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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