Review: Valley of Silence by Nora Roberts

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I just finished up a Nora Roberts book, and although this author is always hit and miss with me, I have to say, the Circle Trilogy did not disappoint. And the last book in the series, Valley of Silence was off the wall awesome.

Series: Circle Trilogy, #3 
My Rating:  5 ❀'s
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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First, let me address the statement that Nora Roberts is always a hit and miss author for me. She's incredibly popular among readers, and has a huge number of books published. But I either love her books or am unable to finish reading them. I either love her style or find it needles me. But that was not the case with this series at all. I adored every word, this series and this novel especially, were beautiful and exquisitely crafted. In this third novel, the circle prepares for the final battle on Samhain and Moira and Cian's simmering romance comes to a head.

And oh my, but I loved these two together. Cian seemed often cold, indifferent, but it was obvious from book one that Moira affected him in ways he had never allowed anyone to affect him since he was changed. And Moira was clearly waiting for Cian to make his move...until she decided to put the moves on him. I loved that. I loved Moirás strength throughout this novel, I loved her as a ruler, as a leader, as a strong heroine. I loved that she was ready to love Cian in the now knowing that when he left, that her heart would go him, and that their love would ultimately hurt them both. She was still ready to bask in that love despite the hurt that she knew would come after.

I loved Cian more somehow, because he tried so hard not to give into his feelings for Moira, to protect her and himself. And his note to her at the end of the book broke my heart. I love it when a book can make me cry. And I have to say, I loved that he eventually gave into his feelings knowing just as Moira knew, that later he would suffer for loving Moira and that she would suffer too because a vampire and a human cannot have any lasting future.

How does this doomed love story end? With a happily ever after of course and one so moving that it will forever stand out in my mind. This is definitely a series worth lining my book shelves. I would love to read them all over again. Five stars is hardly enough credit to this wonderful book.

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