Review: The American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin

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I really love a good historical fiction novel, and I am impressed with how easy it was to read The American Heiress. To be honest, I listened to the audio novel but I think the author's style very fluid and therefore believe this would make for easy and beautiful reading.

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Genre: Historical Fiction
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I also really enjoyed this novel because our main character, Cora was so interesting to read about. A rich American turned duchess is not a storyline I've read before and I found the divergence of the two cultures very interesting. Especially since this story is, ultimately a romance.

It's been said, and with truth, that novels that start with marriages never end well. The marriages are not happy ones, or some tragedy occurs. So when Cora marries early in this novel, I though, uh-oh. And as the novel progressed, there were certain bumps that gave me pause. I wondered if Cora and Ivo would simply be too divided by cultural gaps, or if there was something else that would come between them. I wasn't sure if I could hope for them to find their way to each other, even though they seemed to genuinely care for one another.

Ivo isn't your typical duke, which is partly why I wondered if he hadn't married Cora as much for love as for money, though there is no doubt he married her for money. It certainly isn't above a duke to marry solely for money after all, but I thought Ivo different, being the second son who never was meant to be duke, who had the title thrust upon him. And I'm happy to say...even novels that start with marriages sometimes have happy endings.

A interesting study of English and American cultures in the period, and a fascinating commentary on both as well as an entertaining romance, this is one author I'm curious to read of in the future.

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