Review: Romancing the Duke by Tessa Dare

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I've been meaning to read a Tessa Dare novel forever and I am so glad that I finally got around to reading a novel by this fantastic author. The story is compelling, the writing is sharp and witty and I had a blast listening to this on audio. The audio was amazing, I must say, so hats off to the narrator as well. I can't wait to read more of Tessa Dare, I will say that right now.

 Series: Castles Ever After, #1 
My Rating:  5 ❀'s
Genre: Historical Romance
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I loved the characters in this novel, starting with the heroine Izzy. She was creative, kindhearted and smart. She doesn't have much in life, but she's determined when she inherits a decrepit old castle not to lose the only thing she has to her name. The only problem is that the castle is inhabited by a scarred, blind and devastatingly attractive grumpy duke.

Oh, how I loved Ransom. He made me laugh. He was ridiculous at times, but I loved how ridiculous he could be, how sardonic his quips, how thick headed he was at times, especially when it came to Izzy, and how to manage her. I loved that he loved her even when he himself had never been loved. I loved his pride, even though it was the most ridiculous thing about him--it also made him very human, and made me want to hold him close, as Izzy does. Le sigh, dear readers, le sigh.

This is a fairy tale story and one so artfully woven that it will sweep you away instantly and the more you read, the more in love with the tale you'll fall. I never wanted it to end. It made me laugh, it made me blush, it made me scoff with humor and it made my heart turn over with that le sigh feeling I mentioned. Tessa Dare is up there with authors like Lisa Kleypas in this genre and I cannot wait to read more of her wonderful novels. I've found a true gem. I intend to unearth more.

In want of a historical that is everything a romance should be? You will not go wrong by picking up this novel. It's everything it promises to be and more.

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