Feature Favourite: Anne of Green Gables by L.M Montgomery

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It occured to me that it has been too long since I did a Feature Favourite around here. I'm always so focused on getting book reviews up that other features suffer as a result. My apologies. And it only makes sense that today's feature should be Anne of Green Gables, given that the new Anne television series has become hugely popular. I've been a long time fan of this wonderful Canadian author and have adored each of her novels that I read.

The cover from my youth

Anne of Green Gables
Author: Lucy Maud Montogmery

Lucy Maud Montgomery is best known for her Anne series and the character and novels are beloved all over the world. I have long been a fan, since the minute I was first old enough to read one of these novels and make connections to them and their world. They made me laugh, they made me cry and I felt as though Anne was a kindred spirit of mine. She is sensitive and passionate and imaginative after all, and I saw myself in her in many ways. But other than simply being able to relate to Anne, the reason I love the series so much is that the writing is so beautiful. Places and people are brought to life by this gifted author and she teaches you kindness and acceptance through her stories. Lessons that are still valuable today.

Anne of Green Gables is filled with funny mishaps, each a learning experience for one character or another--usually Anne, and the story of a girl who finally learns what it is to belong.

I will take a moment to say that while the new television series departs somewhat from the novel, I think it represents the heart of Anne clearly. Lucy Maud Montogomery often wrote stories about children that were orphaned or whose family circumstances were not traditional, and the CBC series depicts what I think the theme of these stories is, not to judge, to be kind and have courage. Each of Montgomery's orphan characters has courage and thrives thanks to their empathy and ability to hope in the face of sadness.

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