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Oooops, I did it again. I bought more books! And even more than I am sharing here today. They were on sale. What's a  book worm to do after all? Even though I have less and less time to read, I keep buying books. But to be honest, I am building in more time to read (it had died again after summer as I got busier with work) and I am really enjoying it. Anyway....

I bought some books that look absolutely up my alley. Hopefully some of you are into historical fiction, though I have tons of romance I haven't touched yet. Which I will get back to come hell or high water.

Here are the lovelies my friends!!

First, Smoke and Iron. I really need to get back to this series as it was really amazing. Time, time, time, if only I had more of You. I may need to start a reading list order although I was always against such list. We'll see. If you have not started this amazing series, The Great Library I strongly recommend you do. It's sooo compelling as it's about a world where books are controlled. Which raises so many red flags and I'm dying to see what happens next to all of that characters. 

I love historical fiction, so first off I'll start with Jane Seymour, the Haunted Queen. Seeing as I have the first two of this series in paperback, I told myself I would wait (and I did) to get this latest novel in paperback as well. It saves money, plus I like things to match. And then there was the sale so that went out the window. I don't regret it though. If you like historical fiction or are into the Tudors, this series is totally for you. 

And last but not least is The Vatican Princess. I've been trying to get my hands on good fiction about the Borgias, so we'll see if this one makes the mark. I don't know the author, but the reviews are decent so I hope I will love it. 

I honestly have more to share with you in terms of new to my shelf but I'll have to get to them another day. Next up is a review so stay tuned! 

Happy Reading,

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