Review: The Secrets You Keep by Karen White

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It's been way too long since I posted a review but I am back! More on that later ;) If you've been following the blog for a while, you know that lately I've been into romantic suspense and thriller like stories. This one is just up that alley, and very well written. I'll be sure to read more of Karen White in the future.

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Genre: Mystery 
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This story is well paced and draws you in from the opening pages. And that always impresses me as a reader. I love it when I can literally fall into a book like that, and that earns this book immediate points.

Byrn is a compelling character as she's a woman whose suffered a horrible accident, is clearly still struggling with her recovery and the trauma of what happened and is also facing some stumbling blocks in her marriage. She doubts whether Guy has the patience for her as she continues to remain fatigued and can't seem to work on her latest novel. Right away, we are introduced to a complex character.

A character who is suddenly plunged into a crime mystery. When the caterer of a dinner party is suddenly murdered, Bryn is first on the scene and the police seems to have their suspicions firmly fixed on Byrn and Guy. Which is understandable given that Byrn had confronted the victim about some stolen money, and given that Guy may possibly be more involved with the late caterer than previously thought. I'd say *gasp* but that's true crime TV has taught me that this is actually pretty common O.O

So we are plunged into a mystery. Who killed this woman? Will they strike again? Why is Guy seemingly hiding so much, and what is he hiding? The tale spun is logical and left me guessing and I was surprised at the end when the whodunit was solved. I also was totally fascinated with Byrn's lost memories and the role the night of the accident played in this mystery and it's ultimate resolution.

Filled with engaging dialogue, characters who are vivid and alive and a story that is totally plausible and gripping, this novel kept me turning the pages long after I should have gone to bed. Which is why I intend to read more by this great mystery writer!

I plan to be back very soon with more reviews and features so please don't give up on me yet! This blog has helped keep me sane over the years and although my life is super busy, (and often gets way out of my control when I least expect it) I am totally committed to reading and reviewing books. I am back in the swing of things!!

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