Review: A Good Yarn by Debbie Macomber

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Since I loved the first book so much, I decided to immediately listen to the second. I really enjoyed it. Lydia continues to be the main character, and she continues to learn and grow. I find it fascinating that the author has penned a character who is in fact a grown woman, but is essentially still growing up in a lot of ways. Because Lydia battled cancer during her teen years, and again in her early twenties, she missed a lot of life lessons and growth that those years offer us. It seems that she's learning them now, and her shop and the women she meets there are central to her growth.

Series: Blossom Street, #2
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Genre: Contemporary Fiction

What is equally fascinating is the characters are all soo different--from different points and experiences in life, and yet manage to not only form friendships but also to learn valuable lessons themselves, and grow as well. Take Bethanne for instance. Here is a woman who might become bitter, depressed, angry because her husband suddenly ups and leaves her and their family after twenty years of marriage. Instead, she discovers herself, her passion for life and opens up a very successful business. She's uncertain at first, but seeing her growth and change over the course of the book is very interesting.
Book 3 in the series
 But not as interesting as Elise. I didn't think her character could change much--she was too hard and set in her ways, but seeing her soften to her ex-husband, reach out to Bethanne, reminded me that change is always possible. In fact, it is constant, we just don't always clue into that fact. I was delighted to see Elise learn the lesson of acceptance, and to see how that changed her life.

I'm curious to see what the next Blossom Street novel is about, and eager to read more of this feel good, and wise series.

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