Review: By a Thread by Jennifer Estep

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This series has yet to disappoint me! By a Thread was another action packed novel featuring my favourite bad/good girl, Gin and I absolutely loved it. Some very mild spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk.

Series: Elemental Assassin, #6
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Genre: Urban Fantasy 

Gin has finally laid Mab to rest, but she's in need of a little down time. So she and her sister Bria head off on a little vacation, only Gin's special services are required by Bria's best friend, Callie. So Gin is yet again in the thick of bad slimeballs and danger. Only this time the plot is complicated by the fact that Callie's soon to be husband is none other than her old flame Caine.

What I really loved about this novel wasn't the action so much, but it was that Gin really finds closure with Caine. The man was never good enough for her, and I don't like his holier than thou attitude. He's used Gin, and I thought his actions sleazy and deplorable at the end of the novel. I've no respect for him. But I loved the way Gin told him where to stick his--ahem, needs.

Gin not only got some closure with Caine, but it also felt like she really committed to Owen. Not that she hadn't in previous novels, but somehow it felt like these two drew closer together, and I will admit that I think they are perfect as a couple. Gin also confronts her sister about their relationship. That she is willing to let Bria go even though she desperately loves sister made my eyes smart. Gin is really learning to love and accept herself, and even stand up for herself and what she has to do. I was even more glad that Bria acted exactly as a sister should, and fully embraced Gin.

I really loved this book and am even more invested in the series than I was before.

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