Review: The Shop on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber

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Oh, wow. I've been longing for a different sort of read of late. And since I love crocheting, this seemed right up my alley. True, it's different than knitting (make NO mistake about that) but still, the fact that the characters did something similar to what I do was appealing.

Series: Blossom Street, #1
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Genre: Contemporary Fiction

I was so not disappointed with this read. I listened to it on audio, and it was...transformative. I just didn't want to stop listening. It's a book I honestly couldn't put down. This is a book that is about relationships, serious, real relationships. The kind we have to deal with every day. It's a book about the power of friendship, about acceptance and love.

I never could have imagined a cast of characters that came from such diverse backgrounds, or from such different points in their lives. You don't really build relationships with people you meet in a class do you? Like, a knitting class? Of course we do! Those friendships we fostered in school, many of us have life long friends that started in just such a setting. My point being, it was fascinating to see the way the author drew together these women, how each had their own individual life story that was made better because of these friendships.
Book Two in the series

I was amazed to see a snob like Jacqueline come to learn to value Alex, and also her daughter in law, Tammy Lee. It was wonderful to see this change, how she reached out to them both, and how as a result she realized she couldn't continue to live in a marriage that was no longer loving.

I was equally amazed that Alex, who seemed so rough and gritty, was really just someone who had a bit of anger and needed...friends, and the way being around people who valued her made a difference in her life. And how she changed Carol's life just made me cry. I cried a lot while listening to this book. So much of it was moving.

There's something lyrical and yet, simple in the way the author unfolds her tale. It was rich with wisdom, emotion and I left it with a feeling of yearning because this is the kind of story that speaks to us all.

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