Review: Sweet Revenge by Lynsay Sands

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So I recently listened to this on audio. I'm becoming addicted to audio. It also allows me to read and crochet at the same time, and combining two of my favourite activities has become just too much fun. I also liked that this is a stand alone, which seems a dying trend in books, and I like stand alones, so I was happy to listen to a sexy highlander romance.

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Genre: Historical Romance

I always enjoy a highlander romance, and Lynsay Sands is a great author. The story turns into a comedy of errors that had me laughing as misunderstandings and tricks were constantly played throughout the first half, and while Kyla was at the center of this comedy, Galen's men provided me with a lot of amusement.

So needless to say, you won't be bored while reading this one because you'll be too busy laughing! But the novel has its serious moments too. Kyla is worried about her brother as his wife is intent on killing him. She insists on heading back to England to warn him, and this is where the story really picks up some unexpected connections between villains start to unravel. Kyla is spirited and brave, and when the action picks up, she's always in the midst of it. I liked that she had the courage to fight to defend herself. This is one heroine I won't soon be forgetting.
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 As for our hero, I liked him. He was a softer sort of laird that you might expect from a highlander romance, but that was a refreshing change. Alpha grunts of possession are not always necessary. It was very sweet when he confessed he was in love with Kyla, and I liked how he shouldered his responsibilities quietly, without letting them harden him.

The narrator, Elle Newland did a wonderful job with the Scottish accents. It was sometimes a little difficult to tell the male voices apart, but overall, I can't and and won't complain about the narration as it kept me hooked throughout the book and infused a lot of humor into another humorous book.

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