Review: The Heart of Christmas by Brenda Novak

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I had been both disappointed and frustrated by the last few books in the series, but this one proved absolutely wonderful. I wasn't sure what to expect from Eve's romance--she had made some poor choices in previous books, and I wasn't sure I liked her character at first; she seemed a bit too desperate for a boyfriend for my liking. But as the novel progressed, I was impressed by her mature decisions and the way she handled herself with Rex.

Series: Whiskey Creek, #7 
My Rating:
Genre: Contemporary Romance

For those Brenda Novak fans who have read her Bulletproof series, you'll be happy to know he's the hero of this novel. Which makes this novel very suspenseful and yet, romantic at the same time. From the minute Eve wakes up with a strange man in her bed, to the minute they get The Crew off of Rex's back, I was gripped by this story. I was not only drawn in by the suspense, but I loved the way that neither Eve or Rex pushed each other away, even though they both felt that the relationship couldn't go anywhere for a variety of different reasons.

I also got a bit of Christmas feel in this novel, which I liked since that last few that took place around Christmas in this series barely mentioned the season. But more importantly than that, the romance in this novel was really focused. It was all about Eve and Rex and of course, his past and connections to The Crew, and no sub plot overshadowed that which I loved.

And I thought that the group of friends really came together in a way that was logical and appropriate for the story. In the past, I've been totally put off by some of the actions and behaviour of some of the friends in the novel, but I thought that this time around everyone acted realistically and really supported and protected Eve. 

Brenda Novak always spins her stories well, and this one is, in my opinion, the best of the series. 

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