Review: Country Heaven by Ava Miles

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I am not sure where to even begin with this novel. To stay it is wonderful is probably the understatement of the year, but it is wonderful. So wonderful that even as I read it, I never wanted this book to end. It was just beautiful story telling, moving and every scene was rich with emotion and depth.

Series: Dare River, #1 
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Genre: Contemporary Romance

I think it was the depth of this story that caught me so unawares. I was expecting a simple plot where bad ass rock star meets sweet girl and cleans up his lifestyle because of true love. Simple, sweet and straight forward. But Country Heaven delivered so much more than that. It was a story about family, and it was intelligently written. Tory has no living family left in the world. Rye is estranged from his, and when his father falls ill, he is called home again. He brings Tory with him for moral support, and everything that unfolds after that is fraught with love, sadness, and the reality that even when you love someone, you can hurt them. A lot. I was impressed as well as surprised by the depth of the family dynamics, the way the dysfunction had played into not only Rye's lives, but those of his sisters, and how much Rye grew as a character the more the story progressed. He's a real sweetheart, and there were many times he made me all le sigh.
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The romance was built slowly, both Tory and Rye came to realize that they were not only attracted to each other, but experiencing genuine emotion. Rye comes to rely on Tory because he feels better around her, and Tory comes to realize that there's more to Rye than meets the eye. I loved that she recognized the conflict in his character, and called him on it. And I hated that he doubted her. But I loved that he had sense enough to finally step up and start making changes in his life. He stepped up in other ways too, but I'll leave out the happily ever after details. You'll have to read this for yourself if you want to exactly what happens in this book. And I recommend you do.

This story swept me away. The characters all rich and brimming with life, the story is one of love and family, and the emotion was so poignant that I was often moved to tears. It's not every day you read a romance this richly woven with emotion, depth and meaning. I'm just itching to read more in this wonderful series. Thank you Ava Miles for a really devastating read!

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