Review: Cat's Lair by Christine Feehan

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I was eagerly awaiting the release of this novel. Somehow, even though I knew it was coming out, it slipped under my radar. Then, my friend said she'd read it and I was all ooh, need to get! Because of course, Christine Feehan is just a great author. I don't like all of her series, but I'm a huge fan of two and there is one more of her series that I'd like to try. So I was so excited to start reading this book. I adore the Leopard People. Each book has been just juicy in all the right ways. Romance, steam, action, even narration and setting have all swept me away.

Series: Leopard People, #7
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Genre: Paranormal Romance

But I will be honest and say that this one just didn't do it for me. I'm sorry to say it, but there it is.  Cat's Lair really missed the mark for me. The first bit of the book, before the police get to Cat, I really enjoyed. It was building up an intense storyline. Cat had escaped the clutches of a criminal lord, Rafe, and I was excited to find out more about him, her life with him and to see the final showdown between him and the hero, Ridley.

And then things went a little wonky. The backstory wasn't built upon at all, but the hero did rescue Cat and swept her away to his ranch. Cat's leopard is close to emerging and she and the hero get...cozy. And that's the book folks. It's her and him constantly loving each other, and there's some discussion about their relationship, and then finally, a showdown with Rafe.
Book 8, coming November 2015

I was so disappointed. One of my favourite authors had traded what should have been (based on previous novels in the series) an action packed, steamy romance for one erotic scene after the other. I don't have a problem with the erotic. But I really felt as though it overtook the novel and left us with a weak plot with an enemy that I didn't know if I was supposed to despise, or feel sorry for. I wasn't even sure what the hero and heroine saw in one another because they go from betrayal to mating lust to love so quickly. I kept hoping that by the end, some pivotal moment would bring it all together for me, but as much as I wanted that to happen, it didn't. And I truly hate that I didn't like this book, but...there it is.

With all this said, however, I do have higher hopes for the next novel in the series, Wildcat. Every series is entitled to miss, and Christine Feehan being Christine Feehan, there is no reason for me to despair just yet. Even though I didn't enjoy Cat's Lair, the writing style was typical of the author--polished and meticulously thought out. The steam was steamy, and the final showdown made for entertaining reading. If you enjoy this series, I wouldn't recommend skipping this book. It might work for you.

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