What's the Scoop??? A Quiet Place and a Book

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My love of reading is huge. HUGE. Hence, this blog. And a TBR to rival Mt. Everest. I have never stopped reading since the moment I really learned how to read. That's how important reading and books are in my life.

I have read books of all sorts. I have read the classics, I have read some chick lit, I've read some gripping historical fiction pieces, and I've read YA and romance and even a mystery or two. And even though I've read so much, I always find more to read. And more and more and more and more and well, you see how this goes.

But you know what you need in order to read? A quiet place, a book and time. Isn't that the most perfect escape of all? Your little reading nook, no distractions and that book you've been just itching to read? Sadly, my life over the past year has been busy. It was hard to find that peaceful quiet place and really dive into a book. I've felt pulled in a thousand directions. I've been frustrated and tired. Over the past few months, that has not been the case. I've been able to go swimming, take walks, and enjoy life more fully. It's been wonderful! And I've had lots of time to read some great books. And that got me to musing (an occasional pass time of mine) about time.
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Now, time is something we could all wax eloquent about. There's never enough time. Time is relative. Time is something you need to make etc etc But time management is a bit of issue in our busy busy world and lives. And now that my time is a bit more free, I've been able to pursue more of my interests. Like reading. And writing. More on that later though. I'm just very glad that I was able to read the books I have over the past couple of months and I think that in order to vanquish that mammoth sized TBR pile we all need a quiet place and a book. And just a little bit of time.

I know that reading brings me both pleasure and peace. It gets my head back into the game. And I think that in the future when I'm overwhelmed, I'm going to step back from the crap and take a deep breath. Then I'll grab my book, get into that quiet place and escape those troubles for just a little bit. Because there's always time to deal with crap later. And there's always time to read great books. Always.

Happy Reading

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