Review: Crystal Cove by Lisa Kleypas

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Crystal Cove was a little different than the other three novels in the series in that it was more magical, perhaps even paranormal than the others. Justine is a bone fide witch. The hero, Jason, has no soul. There are curses and covens and spells. The story felt different because it was more steeped in the supernatural than the others. The story opens with Justine discovering that a geas or curse has been placed upon so that she'll never find true love. From there this witch who has pretty much rejected her magical background, starts to casts spells to break the curse.

Series: Friday Harbor, #4
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Genre: Contemporary Romance

Justine manages to break to the curse, and although she is powerfully attracted to Jason, she's also reluctant to pursue anything with him. He's too different. And I think that she was also afraid because Jason demanded and Justine wasn't used to feeling, or at least feeling what she did with him.

And then came the betrayal. And from then on we find out just how cursed Justine is and how that curse will affect Jason, a man with no soul. And the more each of them tried to protect the other, the more messed up it becomes. And yet, magic saves the day.

Book 1 in the series
 I liked that love and magic made it possible for Justine and Jason to be together. But I was a bit taken aback by how it all happened. I'm still not sure what it means. I've given it some thought, and I've come to the conclusion that they were fated to be, soul mates, but in a very different way than we might except as readers. I actually think that their love story was meant to unfold in precisely the way that it did, as if it was written in the stars. They are not your typical soul mates in short--because how could they be when Jason began this story without a soul?

A lovely tale, rich with emotion and elegantly told. Is it magical? Yes, but not exactly as I'd come to expect from the Friday Harbor series. It's eclectic and much more lyrical, flowing with fantasy and romance.

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