Review: The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks by Josh Layon

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I read this novel because I needed something light and fun, and because a friend lent me her copy of the book. I really had no idea what to expect, but I had heard some good things about this novel and thought, what the heck, let's give it a go. It was certainly well worth the read.

My Rating:  3 's
Genre: M/M Romance

This wasn't the usual type of m/m romance that I've read in the past. It was lighter, and focused more on the fact that Perry finds a dead body in his bathtub and some other happenings that start to happen after this discovery. So don't let the cover fool you. The romance doesn't even start until nearly the end of the novel, and before that it's obvious that Nick isn't even really willing to entertain the idea of becoming involved with Perry. I actually thought he was kind of a homophobic, or at least, someone who wasn't comfortable around homosexuals. Hence, I actually assumed he was straight. I was wrong. Never assume right?

Anyway, it was more fun to read about the mystery in this novel as dead bodies appear in bathtubs and disappear and there are secret passages in the old house as well as possibly ghosts dating back to the Prohibition days and hidden jewels. The cast of wacky characters also helps and I was entertained the novel and really liked both Perry and Nick (who was mostly just a tough guy with his head firmly planted in reality, not a jerk by any means) who I found to be both compelling characters.

I did like how these two came together. I usually hate it when novels have other things going on that don't allow for a good development of the romance, but Perry and Nick became involved organically and it felt very natural and fit the story and their characters. I was impressed by how they handled everything in the novel, and surprised by certain actions and glad for them to have an happily ever after.

A fun story, and if you need something lighter, one I would recommend.

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