Review: Blackberry Winter by Sarah Jio

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I am loving audiobooks! They let me read even when I'm busying doing mudane things like chores, and keep me company while I cook. My lastest audiobook was Blackberry Winter by Sarah Jio and it was a wonderful read. Or listen.

My Rating: 4 's
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

I really liked this novel. It shifts back and forth between the present day and the 1930s and the two stories are connected by a late season snowstorm. Our main character, Claire is writing about a late season snowstorm in the 1930s in which a little boy, Daniel Ray, went missing.

Claire is hurting inside due to the loss of her own child, and her character latches on the need to know what happened to Daniel. Her research leads her a little girl Daniel grew up with, and she begins to piece together the story of Vera Ray, Daniel's mother, who is a lower class working woman and her romance with Daniel's father.

Vera's romance seems doomed from the start since Charles comes from money and Vera has to work to support herself. Charles clearly isn't concerned with the difference in their social positions, but it worries Vera, and she is influenced by his family to leave Charles. When she decides to reach out to Charles in order to help find their lost child, the story turns tragic.

Here is where Claire starts to make some surprising connections, and where the story took me by surprise. I loved the connection to the present day characters and how the story played out. It also Claire to heal and an old mystery to be solved. It also brings Claire back together with her husband Ethan, and being a sucker for romance, I liked that this story had two happily ever afters.

A well told story full of fleshed out characters and rich with emotion, I couldn't put this book down.

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