Review: Jagged by Kristen Ashley

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I'm continuing with my read of Kristen Ashley's Colorado Mountain series and Jagged was certainly a winner for me. I think this is my favourite book in the series so far. What makes it so great? Well, I loved the hero, Ham and I thought the romance was well developed and the story compelling.

Series: Colorado Mountain, # 5
My Rating: 5 's
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Ham walked away from a woman he deeply cared for years ago, so that she could have all the things he thought he couldn't give her. A marriage, family. But Zara knows that her choice to build a life with Greg is a mistake, knows that it's really Ham she loves, just as Ham knows he shouldn't be walking away. Why do they make these choices? You'll have to read the book to find out, but our story starts out when Zara's marriage falls apart (as well as her life in many respects) and Ham walks back into Gnaw Bone to settle down.

Ham wasn't the sort to settle down. He was always walking away from towns, jobs, people. Sometimes he'd go back, but he always drifted away again. So it was huge that he was finally settling down. And because he cares so much about Zara, he decides to help her sort out her life. Really, he is getting her back in his life, and after a while, these two can't keep their hands off of each other. Zara then suffers another blow but it reveals something unexpected and spirals into her discovering a couple of great things and mending some fences with her family. It also all results in a happily ever after.

I liked this book so much. It was hard to put down. I think that was because the plot moved along quickly, unhindered by long descriptions of clothing and rooms that encumber the story. I liked that the author chose to tell this story concisely, it gave it a more polished feel and made it far more enjoyable reading as well. I also liked that Ham isn't a jerk. Some of the heroes in this series are as far as I'm concerned. Not bad men, but kinda jerky. Ham was an alpha male just all the rest of the heroes in this great series, but he wasn't crass like some or ridiculously controlling. He was protective and sweet.

So this novel was definitely a winner for me. A great story, tightly woven, wonderful characters that I loved (and I think the setting back to Gnaw Bone gave it a refreshing feel too) and a hero I could adore. What more could a fan of romance want?

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