Review: Breathe by Kristen Ashley

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I have been making my way through an entertaining Kristen Ashley series, and I just polished off book five, Breathe. This one was definately a great one. I really enjoyed the first novel in this series, and I really enjoyed this novel as well.

Series: Colorado Mountain, #5
My Rating:  4.5 's
Genre: Contemporary Romance

What I liked best about this novel was that the hero, Chace, was one I could really fall in love with. I suppose he's an alpha male in that he's really is protective of Faye, and he takes a lot upon himself. The weight of the world in a lot of ways. But he's more, in my opinion, a traditional alpha male because he's not super bossy and the way he interacts with Faye was more respectful than some of the other heroes from this series, He was more likable and I enjoyed the romance a lot more because it felt more realistic than some alpha romances. Chace wasn't the sort of man to put with anything he saw and knew to be wrong, he'd spent a lot of time correcting the part he played in the corruption of the local police unit, and paid some heavy prices as a result, But I liked that he didn't let that bled into what he had with Faye.

Faye was a fun character. She was a sci fi/fantasy geek and I loved all the references she had throughout the novel to some really great and fringey TV series. Hats off to Kristen Ashley for knowing cool TV. It made Faye an endearing character, and I liked that even though she was shy, maybe even sheltered that she was also fierce. She wasn't afraid to try and take on Chace's "dark" and she wasn't afraid to stand up to him and let him know that a real relationship wasn't one in which one person calls all the shots and hides their thoughts. She was a romantic, but she was fierce.

I have no idea what to expect from the next book, but I'm thinking it'll be entertaining, just as every other book in this series has been.

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