Review: Brody by Emma Lang

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So not too long ago, I started the Circle Eight series by Emma Lang and was impressed. I recently had the pleasure of returning to the series, and book two, Brody was not a disappointment. I so want to binge read this series, but I never have the time to binge read anymore. But I so would if I could!

Series: Circle Eight, #2
My Rating:❀'s
Genre: Historical Romance

This novel continues the search for young Benjy, one of the younger children in the Graham family that has gone missing. The hole his disappearance created in the family was felt in the first novel, and it's the focus of Liv's romance with Brody, the hot Texas Ranger who is searching for her young lost brother. Liv refuses to let Brody search for her brother on his own, intent on joining him and the two are thrown together when Brody realizes that Liv is made of tough stuff and makes her his partner.

He later regrets making Liv his partner, but Liv is not an easy woman to get rid of, and while Liv drives Brody crazy, it's a good crazy as the sparks between them fly during arguments and whilst they get down and dirty on the trail. I have to say, the passion these two have made for great reading. I was never bored, whether they were in the middle of Mexico in the clutches of evil mad people (for there was more than one) or whether they were fighting or kissing. This story was quick paced, filled with passion and danger and romance and it kept me turning the pages as fast as I could. I've never read a book where the characters are both so passionate, both so ornery and quick tempered. It was a heart pounding, sexy read and I couldn't get enough of the action and sizzle in this novel.

If you are looking for something hot and sexy, or something filled with action, this is the tale for you. I might just have to binge a little when it comes to this series, and hopefully sooner rather than later.

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