Review: The Visitor by Amanda Stevens

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Since I've read the first novel, I've always loved The Graveyard Queen series. The writing is so beautiful that you just sink into the setting and story and Amanda Stevens has the ability to paint pictures before your eyes with her elegant use of language. She has the ability to completely spook you out. And this latest novel left me studying the shadows in my home at night, wondering what ghoul might be hiding in the gloom.

Series: The Graveyard Queen, #4
My Rating: 's
Genre: Urban Fantasy 

I can't even begin to tell you how good this book is, I truly can't. It was a pleasure to read, and it was delicious, if eerie reading. So much happens, and there are so many sinister forces at work, both human and not human, that I shivered with fear even as I lapped up this story.

Amelia Gray isn't just someone who can see ghosts. She is so much more. She's only just learning about her new abilities, and while they frighten her, they terrify me. I don't know where this series is headed, but it seems certain that it is headed somewhere dark and lonely for Amelia. The ghosts, and whatever otherworldly entities exist, they want Amelia and while this time they weren't dangerous, I know that there are some that are dangerous, and that all of them will change Amelia forever. It's worrisome for this reader, even as it's intriguing.

It seemed after the last novel in the series, that Devlin and Amelia might have a future together, but I know that whatever love they've found together will not be of the lasting kind. There's something about Devlin now that creeps me out, that is frightening, and something in his heritage that is just as supernatural as Amelia. But darker, and I think, more dangerous, more sinister. I'm almost afraid that Devlin somehow, will turn into someone Amelia won't recognize, and as a reader, it saddens me that this might happen. We'll see what the next book holds.

I might not know the plot or twists and turns this story might take in the fifth novel, but I do know that I am looking forward to it, to discovering more about Amelia and what her abilities are, and what she might do with those gifts. A truly great novel, if eerie. But I think that is apart of what makes it so great.

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