Review: Marrying Winterborne by Lisa Kleypas

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I've just finished up a delicious novel by Lisa Kleypas. This author rarely disappoints. And even then, it's always my fault. I adore her writing and storytelling ability. Marrying Winterborne is the second novel in The Ravenels series, one that I was really looking forward to and I loved it from beginning to end.

Series: The Ravenels, #2
My Rating:  's
Genre: Historical Romance

 First off, I loved how Helen, who seemed so meek and mild in the first novel, really takes control of her own life in this novel. The book opens with her going to Winterborne to tell him that she had never wanted to break off their engagement. Not only does she win over the proud Winterborne, but stands up to him in selecting her new engagement ring. And throughout this book, Helen continues to make choices for herself, some of which could have dire consequences for her future. I loved her strength and good nature. She is a heroine to be admired.

Winterborne is a hero unlike any other penned by the author that I've read to date. He's a self made man, intelligent, shrewd, impatient and he loves Helen with all of his being. He just cannot stand to be without her, and I found that at times both sweet and sexy. And I loved that the thing Helen thought he'd never accept about her, that he'd hate her for, that it made not a jot of difference to him. He didn't even blink an eye and I loved that his love for Helen was so encompassing that her secret carried them to the altar all the more quickly. Who doesn't love a run away marriage in a Lisa Kleypas novel?

What I also thoroughly enjoy about this series it is honest about the period in which the characters live, and the society that they live in. It was by far a perfect one, especially for women, and I like that the author has brought that to light with this series, and with Helen's background. You would think being part of the aristocracy would afford those individuals with more power, but there were chains in that class as well, and this novel quietly makes no bones about that fact.

A delicious, romantic read in the best tradition of Lisa Kleypas. I cannot wait to read more of this series.

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