Review: Carides's Forgotten Wife by Maisey Yates

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I like titles by Maisey Yates from Harlequin Presents, and I was intrigued into reading this novel by a tweet from the author and from reactions I saw online. The premise sounded interesting and the reactions caught my attention because they were varied, and strong. Many disliked the novel. I was not one of them.

My Rating: 5 ❀'s
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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First of all, I have to praise the author's style in her HP novels. It always blows me away by how vivid and raw her writing is and how drawn into the romance and invested I become in the characaters considering the shorter length of these novels. Hats off for fabulous writing. I was impressed by this story because it tackled really tough issues--trust, betrayal, loss, and the circumstances were certainly very serious ones.

From the beginning, it's clear the hero is not the stand up hero readers of romance are more comfortable with and his sins are not easy ones to forgive. He marries the heroine for entirely selfish reasons, likely knowing full well how deeply in love with him she is, and yet, due to his memory loss, right from the beginning Leon seeks to redeem himself, to build a life with a wife he cannot remember. I admired that about him, that he saw he had hardly been a good husband, and sought to start over again when he might have viewed his memory loss with far more anger and frustration. For a while, it is all going swimmingly and then the shoe drops, and from there the emotional drama picks up.

Leon is a man who has been an ass, and there's no denying that. But the novel reveals the why as his actions and lifestyle and I have to say, he has suffered tremendously. I'm not surprised considering what he went through, that he turned into such a cold and selfish sort of man. But I was have to say, that isn't who he really is, and I'm glad that his memory loss and everything that happened afterwards demonstrates that and gives him a chance to start to live again, even though he is very afraid to love. The fact that Rose lets him see her hurt but also heals them both with her ability to love is huge in this story. She's a very complex character and I think she has the strength to set aside Leon's awful and past treatment of her, and build a life with a man who is changed from everything that has happened.

It's not often an author tackles a plot like this one, or does it so well and I have to say, setting my teeth into the meat of the issues in this relationship was a nice change of pace for this romance reader.

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