Review: Christmas Under a Starlit Sky by Holly Martin

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In Holly Martin's second novel of the A Town Called Christmas series, Neve's broken heart would be mended and we would finally meet her movie star boyfriend Oakley. I immediately found Oakley swoony, and settled in to enjoy the novel. It was interesting reading as I wasn't expecting so many mishaps in the romance, but I found the story engaging and I loved the side romance between Adam and Ivy. So this book was pretty darn good in my books!

Series: A Town Called Christmas, #2
My Rating: 4 's
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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The story pivots around Neve and Oakley trying to rebuild their relationship as it's obvious from the beginning that they are in love with each other. However, there's a teeny tiny problem which morphs into a series of misunderstandings in this novel, and that's the fact that Neve is pregnant.

I liked Neve and Oakley a lot together. Oakley was so easy going, down to earth and such a kind, generous person. Stardom had not gone to his head. He was also confidant and yet, despite that, he had his insecurities as well. They made the last twenty percent of the novel or so nerve wracking.

And Neve had her own insecurities to contend with as well, which were the root cause of why she broke up with Oakely in the first place, and then, why she made some of the choices she did, which drove me a bit batty at times even if I understood her reasoning. Her reasoning made sense but the flaws were also glaring. However, what's a romance without a little angst? I have to say, I loved how hard Neve fought to keep the love between them from withering away because of her mistakes.

What I loved most about this novel was that despite the misunderstandings, the love that these two had for one another was always present and that made this romance really work for me. I also loved Adam and Ivy's romance and I liked that it was also given the time to grow and gel. This novel gives you two happily ever afters in one read and it does it without one story stealing the spotlight from the other! It's Merry Christmas to romance readers everywhere

I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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Unknown said...

Okay so I just saw this one! Definitely loved this book as well. Everything is so descriptive and I wanted to visit the town so badly!

Jewels E said...

This series is very magical, I agree. I'd love to visit!