Review: Surrender by Pamela Clare

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Mass Market Paperback342 pages
Published December 6th 2011 
by Berkley Sensation (first published February 28th 2006)
Charged with a crime they didn't commit, the MacKinnon brothers faced a death sentence until they agreed to serve the British Crown in the colonies and take up arms against the French. Allied with the Indian tribes who lived beside them in the wilderness, the Scottish Highland warriors forged a new breed of soldier…
  MacKinnon's Rangers

Iain MacKinnon has nothing but hatred for his English "masters," but compassion urged him to save the lovely lass facing certain death at the hands of the Abenaki tribe. Defying his orders, he endangered his brothers, his men, and his mission, all for a woman. But when he held Annie's sweet body in his arms, he could feel no regret. Though he sensed she was hiding something from him, it was too late to hold back his heart. In love and war, there are times when the only course of action is…


My Thoughts 

I'm so glad my friends introduced me to Pamela Clare. She's a wonderful author. I've read two of her books, and I've absolutely loved both of them. Lately, I've been wanting a bit of a mixer upper in my romance reading, and historicals set in the new world sounded like just the right thing. And as you can see, the premise to this one is yummy.

Iain: I adore this hero. He's alpha, but he's so not alpha in a lot of ways. He's not book boyfriend-ish however, he's more the honourable, dangerous sort that is totally devoted to the woman he loves. Iain would do anything for Annie, as he proves time and again, and you just fall in love with him because he's so wonderful that way. And it's not just Annie he wants to protect. He's the oldest of the MacKinnon brothers, and the captain of his men, and he a leader that cares about his men, cares for them, suffers when they suffer. He just make me ache in all the right ways. Plus, the way I imagined him with all that long black hair and those tatts made me think holy Hannah!

Annie: Oh wow, what a spitfire heroine! I loved Annie. She came from a very sheltered life in a lot of ways, and when she was met with the horrible reality of what her uncle is, she fought back against all the evil in the world with so much spirit and strength that I was blown away. Iain admired her nerve, and so do I. I think most people would have met a horrible demise in Annie's shoes, but she survives not just thanks to Iain (though that whole rescuing the damsel in distress at the beginning was just awww) but because she's a fighter. In her own way, Annie is pure kick ass.

Wentworth: Predictable villain. Always trying to thwart Iain's romance with Annie. Trying to find ways to lure Annie into his bed--willingly. He was a bit cold, and I didn't much like him. There was nothing new in his character, I've met villains like him before. But Annie bought out a side of Wentworth I did not not except. And damn it if in the end I didn't feel sorry for His Graceness. I'd like to think that thanks to Annie, Wentworth becomes less of a hard ass, but I don't think he's fully redeemed.

This is definitely one of my new favourite authors. I cannot wait to read more her. A definite read for fans of historical romance, and I'd recommend it to anyone who just plain loves romance too.

5 glittering stars

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