Review: King of Sword and Sky by C.L Wilson

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There's something to be said for a good fantasy that can't quite be said. C.L Wilson is an author who continues to impress me with her fantasy series that is also a sizzling romance series. The third book in this series really wowed me in story development. I never saw what happened coming.

Series: Tairen Soul, #3
My Rating:
Genre: Romantic Fantasy

This book largely dealt with Rain and Ellysetta trying to save the dying tairen, and thus the Fey. It also dealt with some political maneuverings in the Fey world, but I was glad to see that ultimately Rain's authority as king is upheld. He is mustering together an army of Fey for another Mage War, and it is not easy as the first Mage War cost many Fey lives and the Fey warriors are close to losing their souls. It costs Rain to muster up that army, but I think in the end, the price save the Fey.

As for the tairen, I was horrified when Ellysetta learned what is causing the deaths of their youngs in the egg. I actually shuddered. But while I was elated when she saved those tiny souls in the eggs, I was also very worried for her as it came at a huge cost. I cannot say what might the consequences might be, and with two books still left in this series, I will confess that I'm shaking in my boots wondering what could happen to Ellysetta, Rain, the tairen and all the other characters I've come to love.

There were horrible moments in this book, but there were also beautiful moments, and Rain and Ellysetta are learning how to be a couple that isn't just soul bond, but meaningfully connected emotionally through true acts of trust and sacrifice I doubt I'll ever grow tired of reading their story.
This reader is truly dazzled by the methodical writing, intricate plot and layered characters and I savoured every delicious word.

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