What's the Scoop? A Fresh, New Year

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Another year has passed. It's funny, but the older I get, the more quickly the years seem to pass. Time speeds up, and there's barely a moment to think about what you are doing, why you are doing it, or if you'd rather be doing something else. We fall into habit, and sometimes those habits aren't good ones. 

I think new year is a time to sit back and re think all of that. We all make resolutions, but is any real thought given those resolutions? Are those resolutions about the size of your pants, or are they about soliciting real change?

Real change takes some work on your part. I know change doesn't come easily to anyone, but if we want things to get better we have to be proactively seeking ways to make things better. I've been plagued by stress this fall. I wanted to get away from the stress, let it wash off of me like water down a duck's back. But, I felt powerless to get away from the stress. I felt trapped by circumstances and people and it was starting to really be a drag. I've had some time to re-group and I've come to realize that I need to start doing things to change how I react situations. So I have a plan in place for that. Thinking about this at length made me realize that there are certain things I have been putting off, or not been consistent with in my life because I was too busy, too tired, too stressed, too in the habit of being the habit of doing things the exact same way because it was easier to do that than to try to change those habits. 

But, if I want the stress to decrease, changing those habits as well as putting into place my No Stress Plan is essential. So I have some goals for the new year in regards to that as well. And oddly, all of this got me to thinking about reading goals and challenges. 
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This year, I'm reading less books. I'm challenging myself to 45 books and I plan to include some books that are not romance novels in that mix. Books that I've been meaning a long time, but kept getting pushed to the wayside for romance books because of a million reasons. But, if I want to read those books, I need to make time for them so I resolve to do that dear readers. 

Here is my full 2016 Reading Goals

1. Read 45 books in 2016. 
2. Every other month, read a book that is not romance. 
3. Focus on series you want to finish more than the shiny new series. 
4. Savour every word. 

They are simple goals. But I hope to realize each of them. It's easy to make resolutions and then fall back into old habits a month or two later. So this year, my reading goals and my personal goals are simple, but require me to change my mindset and my habits. What are your goals? Give them some thought during a quiet moment and what you really need (other than bigger pants) will come to you. 


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