Review: Widow's Web by Jennifer Estep

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I started reading the Elemental Assassin series this year, and I love the consistency and true to life way this series feels. It's an urban fantasy, but the problems Gin faces are always so much deeper than merely doing away with the bad guys, and book seven of the series really highlighted that for me.

Series: Elemental Assassin, #7
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Genre: Urban Fantasy

Gin dealt with the ghosts of her past in the last book, and in this novel, her lover Owen, has to deal with his. Owen's ex-finance Selena is in town, and she's got a vendetta against the whole of Ashland's underworld. Now, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but the trouble is, Owen is utterly blind when it comes to seeing who Selena really is. And she is twisted and cruel and has hurt those close to Gin, namely Eva, Owen's younger sister.

Eva's asked Gin to kill Selena, and Gin has seen how dangerous Selena's elemental powers are, and how she uses them to not only kill but to torture her marks first. So she's faced with a hard choice. Kill Selena, or let her become as dangerous and powerful as Mab once was. And if that wasn't enough, Owen wants to get Selena help because he believes that it was Mab's killing of her father that caused Selena to become the person she is, and he wants to give a chance, to get to her help.

Owen did seem rather too invested in Selena. I didn't blame Gin for being jealous, or for wondering if Selena was right, that Owen really loved her, not Gin and that he would go back to her eventually. And the circumstances and characters put Gin in a hard position. I think she's right when she says that someone has to make the hard choices, and because she's the trained assassin, it's always her. And the hard choices in this novel are ones that involve the safety and emotions of people Gin loves. And what she does will affect what others do one way or another no matter what. I was proud of Gin in this book because she listens to Owen, gives him space, tries to be fair even though she knows how nuts and sick Selena is, but in the end, hard choices have to made and relationships are affected because of that. In some cases, relationships are strengthened and new ones possibly formed, but in another closer to Gin's heart, the relationship is tested and I'm not sure what that will mean for future books.

Relationships are never easy, and this book reminded me of that. They are worth the hurt, the risk and what Gin is going through reminded me of that too. I like it when a book gets you thinking about things that are real, and Widow's Web certainly did that for me. Fingers crossed relationships are healed in book 8. And listening to his book was truly a lot of fun!

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