Review: Maybe This Christmas by Sarah Morgan

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I adore Sarah Morgan's series, O'Neil Brothers. Each book has had something special that has just made it le sigh. I don't know if the sexy brothers (they make me shiver) or if it's the idyllic setting of the series, but each book has been absolutely delicious. I'll be honest, I'm sad there's not more brothers in this family!

Series: O'Neil Brothers, #3
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Genre: Contemporary Romance

I think what first attracted me to this series was the covers (yes, they are the first thing that sparks my imagination) and I'm so glad the covers are sexy sweet because that introduced me to a series that you really can read over and over because they just give you that perfect little happy feeling when you get to the end of these books.

Maybe this Christmas finally gave us the story of Tyler and Brenna, and I was very happy that these two were thrust together as a result of booming business. It was great seeing Brenna take certain things into her own hands and have that spiral into taking her feelings for Tyler into her own hands and confessing her feelings for him. She really grew as a character in this novel and I was happy that Tyler inadvertently pushed her to and that resulted in their happily ever after. It was kinda like a Christmas miracle!

What also was wonderful about this story was Tyler and his
Book One in the series
relationship with his daughter. I thought she was adorable and hilarious and I liked that the whole family had a plan for Brenna and Tyler and that Jess was on the in. It took Tyler a little time to overcome his fear, but I think he was partially able to do that because of Jess. She healed his heart just as much as Brenna did and I liked that balance.

A wonderful story any time of year, Maybe This Christmas will make you smile and make you believe that happily ever afters can come true.

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