Review: Rekindled by Maisey Yates

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I love Maisey's Yates books. The more I read of her, the more I am impressed. Her Silver Creek series has been more hit than miss in my books (pardon the pun) and I adore the way she uses language. It's beautiful and conveys so much.

Series: Silver Creek, #2.5
My Rating: 4.5 's
Genre: Contemporary Romance

I don't usually read the novellas in a series, but for some series I do and I am glad I've read the novellas's in the Silver Creek so far. They are extremely well written. Being short, it's often hard to convey a romance in a novella, but Maisey Yates uses language really well and I can't complain about her shorter novels or novellas, each has been spot on.

In this novella, Lucy returns home to Silver Creek after a marriage in which her spouse wore her down emotionally. he made her insecure, and I loved that she was a woman determined to take her life back. She had finally recongized the abuse she was suffering at the hand of her husband, and had left him to rebuild a life. She didn't let the fact that no one supported her in this sway her from her decision. She was a strong, well rounded character and I liked her a lot.

I liked Mac too. Even though Lucy hadn't been very nice to him back in high school, it was evident from the beginning that he was didn't delight in her misfortunes. Even if it did kinda tickle his funny bone, he still had some sympathy for her. He was a pretty stand up guy who was afraid of what it meant to love someone. And it took a strong woman like Lucy to really win him over.

This was a read that had me savouring every word and I admire an author who can make me pause and just love the way they used language so beautifully. It's a true testament to art. My only hiccough with this book was that I would have liked the romance to have been slightly more developed, but I think it's length is to blame for that more than anything else. So I'm delighted with this read and looking forward to more from this series.

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