Review: A Hint of Frost by Hailey Edwards

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Well, talk about a change of pace! A Hint of Frost was unlike any other paranormal romance I've read before. I thought it was really written and the world was very interesting. I liked that it was the women who were the rulers, and that our main character is a young maven coming into her own under difficult circumstances.

Series: Araneae Nation, #1
My Rating: 4 's
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Lourdes rises from the midst of a coup to take on her enemies and forge new alliances. She does this by binding herself to Rhys, who she promises to wed if he can find her sister. I immediately liked Lourdes. She was young, afraid in some ways, but she had courage and was smart. She was also immediately attracted to Rhys and even though a marriage to him wasn't exactly one she relished, she was willing to take him on as well as his clan for the good of her people. And I liked that she didn't really fight her feelings for Rhys, that she judged him based on his actions, rather than his reputation.

Rhys was a hero I really liked. He was protective of Lourdes, he was alpha male "mine" about her, but he wasn't ever an angry or bossy alpha male. I liked that. I liked that he didn't force Lourdes into her choices, or pressure her and that he gave her time to get to know him. I see him as a romantic sort of hero, secretly spiritual and totally devoted to Lourdes. It's a refreshing change in male characterization and I liked it.

The writing in this novel was polished and I liked the way the author uses language to paint pictures. Sometimes you don't get that kind of crisp description and I for one, enjoy novels that use language so succinctly and yet beautifully. I am really impressed by this novel as a whole, it was refreshing in so many ways--the characterization, unique spider world, and use of language --that I can't wait to read more of this series.

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