What's the Scoop??? Expanding the Horizons

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A few years ago, I was in a reading funk. It was becoming harder and harder for me to find books I was interested in, and this was distressing to me. I was a life long reader. I majored in English lit and read every book on my reading list (almost) even when some of them were, well...awful. I even read on my summer breaks, but after I was out of school for a few years, I couldn't seem to find anything I wanted to read. Well, not always. And I'll admit, academia had turned me into a bit of a book snob and I was only reading from the literary fiction section.

So, I was in a reading funk because I wasn't reading much and I wasn't enjoying a lot of what I was reading. I asked a good friend to recommend some good romance to me, I figured I needed something light and mindless. She eagerly obliged and created a monster. I devoured romance. Devoured it. I loved discussing it with others. I loved it so much I created this blog to share my bookish, devastating thoughts with others. And for the past few years, I've read romance almost exclusively, even though there were other authors I wanted to read. I just could never seem to find the time, or the mood to pick up those novels. And yet lately, I've been gravitating more and more to books outside of the romance genre. So I've been trying to read a balance of these books, romance and literary fiction and hope that my readers enjoy the additional reviews to the blog.

So what kind of books am I reading and loving other than romance? I'll give you a taste of what they are.

I'm  reading this right now, on audio. It's actually something I would have turned up my nose at last year because I am turned off by books and movies that are hyped by everyone reading them. I wonder what the hype is about, but it also makes me wonder, are people devouring the book because it's popular, or because it's good? But, after seeing the movie, which I only watched because someone told me it good, as in GOOD, I had to read the book. I had to experience the original work for myself. I'll tell you about this amazing, twisted novel in my review. Right now, I'll just say WOW.

I think Gone Girl gave me a taste of stories with twists and turns and this novel certainly sounded as though it was both emotional and twisty in that way that fascinates my mind so I picked this up one day while I was waiting for my prescription to be filled. Even the drug store is a place where I'm caught in the web of book buying now. Once I saw it, I had to know if it was as good as I imagined. I've started this (since I simply could not wait) and so far the writing has me gripped. It's lyrical and the story is languid and yet, almost ominous. I can't wait to get to the end of this novel because I just have to know. 

Since being introduced to the romance genre, I've read hundreds of books. Literally. I'll always be a lover of books, and I think I'll always be expanding the horizons of the genres I read. Now all I have to do is wait to discover the next delicious genre. Oddly, I'm not impatient. They'll come along when the time is right.

What genres are you currently enjoying? You can share your own great discoveries in the comment section below.

Happy Reading,

Jewels E


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