Cover Reveal: Desolate City by Racquel Jones

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Hello all you lovely readers!

So yesterday I hinted I had some special for you and here it is, a cover reveal!!  The novel is Desolate City and is the first in a series by Racquel Jones, who kindly asked me to participate in a cover reveal of her novel. The release date is for January 10, 2013. The book will be available on Amazon.

Here's the synopsis from Goodreads

Cover by Silviya Yordanova. Find her at
After being invited to a party, Seiren never dreamed of being haunted by the Haydens--supernatural beings--of her city. She was suppose to forget about how they watched her every move days before. She was suppose to forget how everything went downhill after meeting a certain white eyed Hayden. But that would be too simple...

Ereshkigal, a group of powerful beings that all Haydens resent, have their sights on Seiren and Haydens from every corner of Black Phoenix will do everything in their power to stop them.

With the help of the gun-toting agent Luann and Hayden guardian Julius, Seiren must figure out her place in all of this and why she is literally running for her life

The story sounds intriguging, and the artwork is lovely. I'm always up for a good fantasy read!! I seem to flop between two genres more than others: romance (you all know I read a ton of that) and YA/fantasy. In fact, I currently have way too many YA and/or fantasy novels sitting around waiting to be read. So I'm very excited that I was able to share with you a cover reveal of an upcoming fantasy series :) I hope you are all intrigued!! You can find Ms. Jones on Facebook and at her blog Racquel Jone's Blog. Enjoy folks!

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