Review: Midnight Surrender by Nancy Gideon

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Paperback412 pages
Published May 1st 1995 
by Pinnacle
Dear Readers, 

I hope you love vampires because today I'm bringing you a review of a great PNR, Midnight Surrender by Nancy Gideon. I'm soo glad I found this series. I am always very impressed each time I crack open one of the Midnight novels.

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Determined to solve a case involving a series of strange murders, ambitious publisher Cassie Alexander meets the elusive Louis Radcliffe, whose erotic embraces and dark hunger bring her into a sensual and dangerous world. 

♥My Thoughts♥

I really enjoyed this novel. Nancy Gideon's blending of the paranormal genre in a history setting always sweeps me off my feet. I loved that this was set at the turn of the last century (circa 1900s) and that her characters are vividly portrayed. I also love the way the story is a beautiful balance of romance and suspense. 

The story focuses on Cassie and pivots around the fact that a murderer of women--who look exactly like Cassie--sends her trophies from the victim's while instructions on where to find the body. It's creepy and sparks off the reporter in Cassie, who has to know, has to follow those instructions and find the body. I loved that about her character, that she was a truly liberal minded woman who went about her own way, and pursued her own desires.

Even Louis. Despite the fact that Cassie has misgivings about the way Arabella gifts Louis to her, and is struggles with his true nature, Cassie has the bravery to seek out the truth and follow her own heart. I loved her caustic wit and intelligence and my hat goes off to Ms. Gideon for painting such a strong female character. 

This novel was gripping tale intelligently spun that had romance and raw emotion oozing from characters in a dynmaic of relationships that I was not expecting, and had me turning the pages impatiently so that I could learn more about them and the murder mystery that was playing out. It made me cry, it made me smile and it made me le sigh. I'd recommend this series to lovers of PNR and historical romance alike. 

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