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I was thinking back about books I've read and there is a series I need to catch up on still. And that's the Brides of Kindred series by Evangeline Anderson. I was expecting a lot of kink from her first book, Claimed, but I wasn't sure I'd get the romance that I enjoy out of the book. I was wrong however, this novel blew me away. It was sexy and romantic and sparked an obsession with the entire series. It's also a favourite of mine

Series: Brides of Kindred
Author: Evangeline Anderson

The Novel: I was so glad I read this book. The space opera isn't one I see a lot of in romance novels, but being a bit of a sci fi geek, I was intrigued. Plus, everyone I knew loved it. So I decided to read this book, and wow. Olivia was such a wonderful heroine, strong, but she clearly also wanted Baird, even though she didn't want to. And while Baird was a big alpha male, in the biggest way I've ever seen, he was also the perfect alpha male because he was so in love with his bride. And he was so patient in trying to show her that he wasn't just interested in for biological reasons, but that she was his mate on a connected, emotional level too. I also loved the way this book set up a creepy and suspenseful storyline with the AllFather. So these are just some of the reasons this book remains a favourite for me. It's just really romantic, with wonderful characters and a very creative storyline and setting.

The Series: Epic space opera. Think Battlestar Galatica only less weird. If you have no idea what that is, well then, just expect to be highly entertained by the characters and plotlines of this series. I've yet to be disappointed. Essentially we have aliens who have discovered that they are genetically compatible with humans, and are claiming brides as part of a trade agreement. They are also protecting Earth from evil aliens known as the Scourge. Trust me, it's very cool.

Evangeline Anderson
The Author: Evangeline Anderson is a registered MRI tech who wrote erotica for fun on the side before she decided to try and get her work published. She started writing back in high school, but began to more seriously pursue writing in the early 2000s. She writes paranormal romance, sci fi romance and fantasy.  She lives in Flordia with her husband and son and would rather be writing than doing anything else. She is the author of a number of series and has two cats.

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