Review: The Hawk by Monica McCarty

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This series started strong, and I was eager to read book in Highland Guard. So the first chance I got, I picked up this steamy highlander romance and got to reading. It was a little different than the first novel, but that didn't make it any less enjoyable.

Series: Highland Guard, #2
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Genre: Historical Romance

This novel opens with Ellie being kidnapped by Erik, or Hawk as is his call name in the elite Highland Guard that are Robert Bruce's elite strike force. Erik doesn't kidnap Ellie for any reason in particular, but circumstances force him to take her in order to protect her and carry out his mission.

I thought the novel started a little slow. There was a fair bit of page time devoted to Ellie's kidnapping, her attempted escape and Erik's seafaring skills. Even after that, it was a bit of time before these two started to steam up the pages. At first, I was a trifle annoyed by how slowly the plot was moving, but I was glad the author took her time with the story and the romance as it really established the characters of both Ellie and Erik.

Erik is a people pleaser and it comes to him naturally because he's very handsome and has a laid back, easy going manner. He keeps everyone entertained with his playful humor and ability to spin a yarn as well as his good looks. Ellie is hardly impressed. Not believing herself to be beautiful, or being used to the attention of men, she sees that Erik doesn't really let anyone get too close to him. She tries to, and although Erik is resistant about certain points, he does slowly let her in. He's amazed that Ellie doesn't put up with his shite, as his friend Domnall so perfectly put it, and he considers Ellie a challenge. He never considers, even after their passionate encounters, that he's falling in love with her.
Book 3 in the series

Erik is an idiot that way. And he isn't the only one hiding secrets. Ellie has a secret of her own, but before she confesses it to Erik, she wants him to love her for her and nothing else. She refuses his offer of marriage because she's convinced that she's nothing to Erik except another conquest. This is where the story really made all le sigh. I was overjoyed that Ellie was standing up for herself that way, and I was both infuriated by Erik's stubborn blindness and tickled pink by his complete ardent adoration of Ellie.

A wonderfully told story, full of action, adventure, and romance. You'll want to brush up on your Scottish history after reading a Highland Guard novel.

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