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I've been steadily making my way through this series by Brenda Novak. Some of have real hits, others have seriously frustrated me. This Heart of Mine was Riley and Pheonix's story, and it had promised to be a doozey. After all, Phoenix had spent the last seventeen years in jail for the murder of a girl, Lori, that Riley had started seeing after breaking up with Phoenix. And Riley had been raising their son, Jacob, on his own. I was expecting a lot anger towards Phoenix, but I had no idea what she herself would be like.

Series: Whiskey Creek, #8
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Genre: Contemporary Romance

First of all, I have to say I loved Phoenix. She thought so little of herself, expected nothing but the worst from everyone, and wanted nothing but to get to know her son and build a life for herself. Considering she'd been punished for a crime she hadn't committed, and hadn't exactly had an easy time in jail, I found her character inspiring. She is willing to look to the future instead of dwelling in the bitterness brought about the past. I don't know that many people would have that strength of character given the same circumstances. She hardly believes herself worthy of friends, and doesn't think that Riley's interest is genuine, but more a physical attraction, an itch that once scratched, will fade away.

But Riley not only believes that Phoenix is innocent, he is also attracted to her, doubting his decisions in the past, and determined that others in Whiskey Creek leave her peace. I was kinda proud of Riley, he stuck by Phoenix when it might have been easier to cave to his family and Lori's family. I liked that he let his son decide if he wanted Phoenix in his life, and that he fought so hard for Phoenix when others were trying to beat her down.
Book 9, coming Oct. 27, 2015

What I didn't like about this story was that it was wrapped up too quickly. Phoenix's innocence is proved, but the real killer is not brought to justice. That bothered me. And Phoenix's innocence is known only to a select few, and those people are going to keep it quiet, which didn't make much sense to me given all they went through to once again try and judge Phoenix. It's understandable that Phoenix herself simply wants to leave it be and move on with her life, but I wasn't sure that it made sense for others to let the real killer off scott free. I also didn't like that in the end, although Riley and Phoenix are together, that Phoenix still has doubts that Riley is entirely committed to her. The romance struck me as slightly unresolved in this respect.

Overall, this was an thought provoking, enjoyable read and with a story that keeps you engaged right up until the very end.

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