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I know summer isn't officially over yet, but as the weather has been cooling the past couple of days, and school has started up again, and it's way past Labour Day, I'm starting to feel as though the summer is long behind me. Which leaves me wondering where the summer went.

I had plans this summer, and some I definitely saw through. Others it seemed I had no time for. Mind you, real life has a way of happening and a couple of unpleasant things did happen over the summer, but I still can't understand how so much time was squandered that I didn't get to go on as many walks as I wanted to. Or really walk through the farmer's market. Or even read as many books as I wanted to, which strikes me as ironic because I thought I'd polish off a good book a week. I got to the beach a couple of times, which was wonderful. And I can hardly sneeze at my trip to Mexico, or some of the other day trips that I took. But really, it seems like only yesterday I was celebrating Canada Day and now it's nearly fall.

Time sure flies. And I have no fall plans. Though I'm sure Thanksgiving will creep upon me before I know it. I do have some plans for being better organized, and I hope those will help manage my time better. If time is something one can manage, I'm not entirely sure, even though I do feel like it can be squandered. So I guess what this blink of an eye summer taught me is to savour every moment, not to let life take over no matter how crazy it gets, and to rest and recharge and set yourself upon paths time might never allow you to travel unless you start the journey today.

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It might be too early for some of you to start thinking of fall, but since I already am, there are some things I do love about the season. It is after all, my favourite.

There's no beating fall colours. Or the holidays celebrated in the fall. For me, it's a time of new beginning, a chance to learn and grow. So this fall, I hope to do more than I did in the summer in some respects, and to rest and relax in ways I didn't in the summer. I plan to enjoy the season. Even the parts of it that might turn out to be more hectic than I think they be at this moment. I also plan to read as much as I can because oddly it never seems as though I have enough time for books. But most importantly of all, I plan to savour every moment.

Happy Reading

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