Review: Hot Pursuit by Lynn Raye Harris

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I recently read a romantic suspense novel that I really enjoyed. It was gripping from pretty the get go with lots happening all throughout the novel, in both the suspense and romance departments.

Series: Hostile Operations Team, #1
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Genre: Romantic Suspense

I really enjoyed the characters, especially the heroine in this novel. I thought Evie was totally kick ass. Thanks to an employee who was involved with organized crime, Evie has lost her restaurant business. She feels badly because she trusted the wrong guy, but she's determined to get back on her feet one day. But her ex-employee and sometimes lover has left her in possession of files that he wants back.

This is the weak part of the story for me. The reasons the files are needed back aren't clearly laid out. The baddies switch from one group to another in the middle of the book. And a lot of the baddie stuff happens off page. So I felt the details as to why they needed these files, why they kidnapped Evie's sister were vague.

But Evie is deep trouble and she handles it well. She has help from Matt, who is an old friend and one time lover and the sparks are flying between them. Evie stands up for herself throughout this novel, gets into the action despite Matt telling her to stay put and calls Matt on his shit. She's only a chef, but she has rock solid nerves and I loved seeing her in the middle of the action all level headed and capable like she was.

Book 2 in the series
Matt and Evie have some old history. And Matt feels badly about it, and honestly wants to help Evie because she's Evie. He doesn't care that it could cost him his career, he cares more about Evie and saving an innocent young girl than a job that he loves and is deeply committed to. I truly felt for Matt because while he was developing serious feelings for Evie, he also felt that he had nothing to offer her. His job was everything in his life seeing as his family wasn't the most supportive and loving. And he doesn't think it's fair to be involved with Evie while he's still connected with HOT because it would mean her living with a man whose life was in danger every time he went to work. He was trying to protect Evie that way, and while Evie was right that it was her choice, I understood and sympathized with Matt's feelings on the situation. And by the end of this action packed novel, he really mans up and goes back to Evie with a new perspective about them as a couple. Honestly, the ending had me squealing and giggling because it was romantic and just so heart on Matt's sleeve.

So, overall this was an entertaining and gripping read that I really enjoyed.

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