Feature Favourite: The Blue Castle by L.M Montgomery

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I always share favourites of mine that I've read more recently, but today I thought I should share a novel with you that I've loved since I was seventeen or eighteen. If you like whismical tales, you'll love The Blue Castle.

The Blue Castle
Author: L.M Montgomery

L.M Montgomery is likely best known for her Anne novels, the first being Anne of Green Gables. But this Canadian author wrote many others, and The Blue Castle is just one of them. This novel is one my favourites because it made me laugh so much. It's full of wit and romance, and it's odd to think it's traditional romance as nature is revered in this novel. Valancy was a character I connected with and admired. She was a nobody in her family, a quiet, dutiful mouse and then suddenly she was her own woman, marrying where she chose, saying what she thought and I loved every minute of this book. I read it again and again and years later, when I realized it was packed away with other novels at my mother's house, I saved it and many others and they are safely tucked into a chest now in my own home.

The Author: L.M Montgomery began her writing career in 1908 with her publication of Anne of Green Gables. She was born on Prince Edward and eventually lived in Ontario. She wrote many novels and short stories, and died in 1942.

I will re-read many of this author's novels again someday. They are stories that have stayed with me and will continue to stay with me for many years to come.

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