Review: The Time Between by Karen White

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After adoring the first Karen White novel I picked up, I decided to try another of her books. Why not, right? When you stumble across an author you love, you have to read more of that author. So I took the plunge! While I didn't love this story as much as the last, I did enjoy it and it was an excellent novel.

My Rating: 4 's
Genre: Contemporary Literature

There's a lot of sadness in this novel. Eleanor has not been herself since her sister's accident, and the death of her father still weighs on her heart. It's ironic that her boss asks her to spend time with his aging aunt who has just as much guilt and sorrow inside of her. Helena is demanding and impatient, and although she professes not to like Eleanor, it's Ellie who starts to bring her out of her shell again. And it's Helena who forces Eleanor to deal with her past and her feelings about her sister and her father.

And Eleanor is not the only one who has to face those unhappy moments in her life, and learn to forgive herself. Helena does too. I felt badly for the old woman, as she was so hard on herself for choices she made when she had so few choices, and the consequences of them later, consequences she could not have foreseen. But I was glad that these two women, so different in ways, were brought together and learned to forgive themselves. The novel reminds us that sometimes we are own our worst prosecutor.

The novel is narrated by three women, Eleanor, Helena and Eve. This is a story primarily about sisters and each narrator did a wonderful job, though I have to sing special praises for Helena's narrator. I could almost see Helena telling her tale. A story that will pull at your heartstrings, this one makes you think a lot about secrets and love and hurt, and forgiveness.

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